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Terasil TS

Huntsmann textile effects (Бивше поделение на CIBA) разработва и предлага богата гама от мастила за печат на текстил
Производител: Huntsmann/CIBA


Terasil TS - дисперсни мастила за трансферен и директен течат на полиестер

Higher sharpness and color yield
An optimized recipe has been developed for preparation of the fabrics in order to obtain high color yield, levelness and sharpness of the prints with the water-based TERASIL TS inks. The build-up of inks on polyester fibers is improved, which is essential to achieve deep and solid shades.
The following is a guideline recipe, usually applied by padding:
   100–180 g/l THERMOCOL® MP (color yield improver)
   10–20 g/l LYOPRINT® AIR (de-aerating agent)
    pick-up 60–80%
For transfer printing on paper no preparation is needed.
Polyester preparation
See the instructions issued by the manufacturer of the ink jet printer.
The optimal printing conditions are:
  20–22°C/68–72 °F and relative humidity ?60%
Ink jet printing
Direct printing on polyester

Fixation with hot presses or calenders:
    30s at 200–210°C/392–410°F
Transfer printing from paper to polyester
    Transfer/fixation with hot presses or calenders:
    30s at 200–210°C/392–410°F
    Rinse 5min with cold water
    Soap 5 min at 40°C/104°F with 1 g/l ERIOPON® OS
    Reduction clearing
Transfer technique does not require subsequent washing off.

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